Major Activities in Fiscal 1998

(1st April, 1998 - 31st March 1999)

<< Meetings >>

The 28th General Assembly

on 2nd & 3rd May at Dream Theater Gifu & Nagara Haitsu (Gifu-shi, Gifu-ken)

(1)The personnel appointments(Vice-President & General Secretary)

(2)Approval of a report on activities and the closing accounts of fiscal 1997

(3)A report of auditors

(4)Decision of activities and a financial plan for fiscal 1998

(5)Recommendation of the NIHON-UNIMA member of the exceptional merit

※Conferences : "Puppetry in Upbringing" (KODA, Maki)

"Considering NIHON-UNIMA"(TANGE, Susumu)

※Peformance : "REMON NO UTA, a song of lemons" by Ottome-za(Gifu-shi)

※Visit to Makuwa-Bunraku (Shinsei-cho, Motosu-gun, Gifu-ken)

Number of participants : 37 including 20 members 

Meetings of the Board of Directors

2nd May (Gifu-shi), 9th June (Nagoya), 23th Spetember, 28th January,

16th March, 8th April 1999 (Iida-shi), 17th April 1999 (Hachioji-shi)

<< Commissions >>

Yearbook Publication Commission

Publication of The Japanese Puppetry Yearbook '97 & '98

Organ "NINGYOGEKI NO HIROBA" Editing Commission

 Publication of No.69 (31st July), No.70(1st December), and No.71(31st March)

Foreign Affairs Commission

(1)Cooperation to the 1998 World Puppetry Festival, Iida (supported by UNIMA)

Holding an exchange party with foreign puppeteers at TAKEDA Studio.

(2)We had planned a tour of China from 24th September to 1st October to deepen the ties for their joining UNIMA. But it was postponed under circumstances.

(3)Suggesting to the Asia Pacific Commission in writing , having a homepage and developing exchange.

(4)Translating "The UNIMA Congress News 2000" into Japanese and carry it in the newsletter. (5)Translating "The Newsletter UNIMA 2000" into Japanese.

(6)Cooperation to editing of "The World Encyclopedia of Puppetry". Mr.UNO Koshiro wrote Japanese puppetry and Ms. IWATA Yoriko translted it into English. Fund-raising campaign for translation fees.

(7)Translating "le courrier DU SECRETAIRE GENERAL" into Japanaese, printing, and giving out to members.

Plan & Finance Commission

(1)UNIMA Shop during the Puppetry Carnival '98 Iida and the 1998 World Pupeptry Festival, Iida (2nd - 9th August)

(2)Dispatch of lecturers to puppetry workshops

(3)Preparation for a tour of China (1999)

"Tanpopo" Study & Exchange Commission

(1)the Puppetry Carnival '98 Iida and the World Pupeptry Festival, Iida (2nd - 9th August)

UNIMA shop/Tanpopo market/an exchange party with foreign puppeteers on 7th August, at TAKEDA Studio ( About 70 people participated in.)

(2)Study meeting on 24th - 25th October, during the National Culture Festival in Kusu-cho, Oita-ken.

(3)Holding in cooperation with the Japan Puppeteers Association , the New Year Party for the Kanto distrcit on 9th January at PUK Puppet Theater, Tokyo.

Electronic Information Commission

(1)Going on the patio of "Puppet Punch" which is a forum for puppeteers, on nifty-serve

(2)Introducing addresses of homepages for puppeteers, in the yearbook.

Reelection of the Board of Directors, Auditors, and UNIMA Councilors

(1)Carring out questionnairres on the way to reelect

(2)The Board of Directors discussed and decided to set a screening committee.

(3)Carring out quesstionnairres on nominees for the Board of Directors.

(4)The Screening Committee is going to propose the nominees at the 1999 General Assembly.

2000 Project

Setting inside of the Board of Directors to consider mainly financial matters. 

The Puppetry Handbook

Setting the project for the Puppetry Handbook

《Other Acitivities besides the Commissions》

Development of Membership

(1)Sending handbills for inviation to UNIMA with information of the General Assembly , to amateur troupes in Gigu-shi and the surrounding districts.

(2)Giving out the handbills during the Puppetry Carnival '98 Iida. 

Honorable Mention

Mr. KANEDA Kazuo was selected to be the NIHON-UNIMA member of exceptional merit at the 28th General Assembly.

Revision of Statutes & Rules of Procedure of UNIMA & NIHON-UNIMA

(1)Studying consistency of statutes of NIHON-UNIMA with statutes of UNIMA.

(2)Studyding a law for non-profit organizations which was made in1998.

Study & developement of regional activities

Mr. Yamagata Fumio, director, wrote about it in No. 69 of "Ningyogeki No Hiroba",

Directory '99

Publication in the end of January 

Preparation for the next General Assebmly

The 29th General Assembly will be held from 17th to 18th April 1999, at Hachioji Kuruma-Ningyo Nishikawa Koryu-za and the Ongata public hall in Hachioji, Tokyo.

Peformance : the 5th Traditional Puppetry Festival

Preparation for the 18th UNIMA Congress

(1)Translating "The UNIMA Congress News 2000" into Japanese and carry it in the newsletter. (2)Translating "The Newsletter UNIMA 2000" into Japanese.

(3)Cooperation to give information to troupes which wish to to perform.


Alternative & Puppet Theatre Project 2000 Japan : April 1998 - October 2000, by Alternative & Puppet Theatre Project 2000 Japan/Theater X/Ginnneko Shokai

The 11th Ikebukuro Ike Ike Puppetry Festival : 19th July, by its executive committee

The Biwako Puppetry Festival 1998 : 2nd - 3rd August, by the foundation of Shihga-ken Bunka Shinku Jigyodan

The 1998 World Puppetry Festival, Iida & the Puppetry Carnival Iida 1998 : 2nd -9th August, by the Executive Committee of the Puppetry Carnival Iida 1998/Iid-shi/the Board of Education of Iida-shi

The 5th Puppetry Contest : 28th - 30th August, by Suita-shi/ the Board of Education of Suita-shi/the foundation of Suita-shi Bunka Shinko Jigyodan

The 10th Ohanashi Festival 1998 to celebrate the municipal system of Matsudo-shi : 28th - 29th November, by the foundation of Matsudoshi Ohanashi Caravan

The 2nd Setouchi Puppetry Intensive Workshop : 26th - 27th, by Setouchi Ningyogeki Center

The 11th International Exchange "Love & Courage" : 28th September - 5th October, by Hoshikawa Yoshio Geijutsu Kyoiku Kenkyusha

The Recreation & Puppetry Carnival : 11th - 13th September, by its executive committe/Ochi-cho/the Educatioon Board of Ochi-cho

Japanese Perfomances of the Marionette Troupe of Quannnzhou, China : 11th - 25th November, by Foundation Modern Puppet Center and others

The 3rd Waku Waku Puppetry Carnival 1999, Niigata : 22nd - 24th Janauary, by its executive committee

The 3rd Naniwa Puppetry Festival "Meido In Osaka" : 27th - 28th March, by its steering committee

☆The mentioned above meetings and events without venues were held in Tokyo.